Palermo's Cafe & Bakery New JerseyPalermo Cafe & Bakery Palermo's Cafe & Bakery New Jersey
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    bakery in little ferry, nj

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    Wood Fire Pizza

    wood fire pizza little ferry nj

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    Panini little ferry nj

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    Wine & Beer

    Wine & Beer

Cafe & Bakery Now Open in Little Ferry & Union City

First started by Giovanna and Gennaro Bruno, better known as Joanne and Jerry. Palermo’s Cafe & Bakery was opened in November 2014 in Little Ferry, NJ expanding its bakery along with a full service cafe and restaurant. As of July 2017 our Union City location is now a full-service cafe, as well as a bakery. The Cafe in Little Ferry serves artisan pizzas from a brick oven, paninis, beer, wine, liquor, and our traditional Palermo’s gourmet desserts.
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